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“Unlocking the genius in every child”


Nurturing a love of music,

Witnessing and experiencing excellence

Providing musical opportunities to encourage creative expression through performance

Encouraging the understanding that Classical music is open to all and to encourage future audiences

Inspiring and empowering children to become enthusiastic explorers, journalists and forensic investigators through this unique and fun musical experience

Developing children’s self-esteem, self-confidence and pride in their ability to participate in decision making and performance, both through singing, composition and the playing of instruments

Robert Howes in partnership with the award winning Childrens Company, takes children on a musical rollercoaster ride of crotchets and quavers! Enhancing, Reinforcing and Bringing to life the stories and music of the great composers of the Baroque period and beyond –Along with award winning composer Julie Cooper aims at educating children, in areas of low cultural engagement, through the life and work of the giants of musical history.  

“Music changes lives, helps children and young people develop socially, emotionally and intellectually and underpins our world class creative industries. Without access to music and the arts children in our schools, quite often those from disadvantaged backgrounds will be denied a well-rounded education. This is a tragedy.”

(James Rhodes. Don’t stop the Music. 2015)

Crazy Composers responds to The National Plan for Music:

“It is vital that a quality music education is available to all children and young people across the country. It must not become the preserve of those children whose families can afford to pay for tuition and ensemble opportunities.” Crazy Composers punches above its weight in its innovative Kapellmeister programme which trains vibrant, energetic music teachers who go out to enthuse and inspire other teachers, taking the work of Crazy Composers founder Robert Howes ever further into undernourished areas of the United Kingdom.

“Music” … A powerful force in developing community, cooperation, inclusivity and social cohesion”